Nick Araguay - SE15 Tales Ep Pre-orders

The swanky Nick Araguay will be soon unveiled to the world!

Peur Bleue Records will release the EP "SE15 Tales" by the ghostly Peckhamite producer this December! Today we present his cloudy and majestic tune ‘AOIEU’, one of the groovy tales recounted on the EP.

Pre-orders at Kristina Records:…/peur-ble…/se15-tales-pre-order/


Peur Bleue Records is now distributed by Kristina Records!

Extremely pleased to announce that Peur Bleue Records is now distributed by our good friends Kristina Records!

All our releases are available at the shop now, although there is only a very limited stock left for the previous ones (Nummer and Gohan). For any distribution enquiries please e-mail:

Massive shout out to John Syncrophone and the whole Syncrophone crew for their early support to the label!

Oh, and tomorrow we will reveal a tune and a video of our next release by a completely unknown producer called Nick Araguay... Stick around!

Banlieue Records Release Party With Gohan, Benoit B, Willis Anne, Strip Steve @ OHM Berlin

Gohan will be playing records at OHM Berlin this Friday with Benoit B, Willis Anne and STRIP STEVE for the Banlieue Records release party.

Posted by Peur Bleue on Thursday, 8 October 2015

Peur Bleue Presents: Gohan, Watson, Danny P - 10th September / Boxpark Shoreditch

PB has been invited by Boxpark Shoreditch to bring some fire with Gohan accompanied by our friends Danny P (Bushes) and...

Posted by Peur Bleue on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Peur Bleue Balamii Show: Gohan x Danny Bushes

We have invited the unique Danny Bushes at our Balamii show. Top notch selection and delightful session with the man.

  1. Bremen – Hollow Wave
  2. Dresvn – B2 (Acdio 14)
  3. Sylvain & Sakamoto – Bamboo Houses
  4. ????? - ?????
  5. Ashra – Oasis
  6. Din A Testbild : She's So Nice
  7. Harmonious Thelonious – Lazy Tambourines
  8. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Tetsuo
  9. George Theodorakis – Genesis
  10. Chief Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister – Fuji Explosion
  11. Derdiyoklar – Yaz Gazeteci
  12. Liaisons Dangereuses – Aperitif de la mort
  13. Beau Wanzer - Slow Down Sir
  14. Gladio – Lightning In North
  15. Rochard Harrow – Acid Hammer
  16. Mutado Pintado – Lazy Boy
  17. Drexciya – Song Of The Green Whale
  18. Holland Tunnel Dive – Implog
  19. Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix Part 1)
  20. S.P Posse – A1 (Acido 017)
  21. DJ Fettburger – Hands Of Doom
  22. George Benson – This Masquerade



Peur Bleue Records is pleased to launch a new series of mixtapes (PEURMIX) depicting our moods and whereabouts. We will invite artists, friends and strangers.

We optimistically start with our Parisian friend and certified gem digger, the mysterious PESSIMISTE. He's just landed us a fine selection of rare synthwave and gloomy ambient records, which he has entitled 'MCMLXXVI' - a bit like an engraving on the porch of a Roman temple.

In his own words:
"Take a plane at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, you will first go to Germany, then to the past, in various place and time, not so far away in fact, just around fourty years back…
A various selection, from pure analog machine music, to classic Balinese, with in between some quite unknown tracks of synth-punk and synth-wave from France, Germany and Belgium."

Gem digger, dig deeper.


Part I:
1 - Bernard Parmegiani - Indicatif of the Charles de Gaulle Airport from1971 to 2005
2 - Théâtre Commercial - Voyage enchanté
3 - Gen Ken Montgomery - Enchantment
4 - Laurie Spiegel - 1977 tape - One of her earliest examples of purely digital realtime audio synthesis
5 - Raymond Scott - The Rhythm Modulator
6 - David Morley - On An Arp 2500 Modular and TR 808
7 - Zack Dagoba
8 - Eliane Radigue - Air - Vent
9 - Heldon - Moebius
10 - Unknown - Pangkur Gamelan of Central Java
11 - Pôle - In The Maelstrom
12 - Pôle - Villin Gen
13 - WeR7 - Invocation

Part II:
14 - Irsol - Granular Spacetime
15 - Réseau D'Ombres - Passé
16 - Acolytes Action Squad - I Must Split
17 - Abolute Body Control - Numbers cassette
18 - Chris Haas & Beate Bartel - Maú-maú
19 - Crash Course In Science - Digital Information
20 - Crash Course In Science - Mechanical Breakdown
21 - Unknown
22 - In Aeternam Vale - Les murs - Berlin Wall
23 - Paris brule-T-il? - La logeuse
24 - Soft Cell - 1980 Rare Extract
25 - Neon Judgement - Nion
26 - Pavillon 7B - Le noye
27 - Heute - Traurig Lustig
28 - Nina Hagen - Pank
29 - Ashburn County - Let's Start The Auctions
30 - Bene Gesserit - J'ai mal au dents
31 - Bernard Parmegiani - Indicatif of Charles de Gaulle Airport from1971 to 2005

Peur Bleue Records, 2015

article on Stray Landings and new gohan mix

Peur Bleue boss Gohan put some of his favorite tunes together in a no-techno mix for the high-quality provider Stray Landings. Also comes with a meticulous interview/article on the label, future stuff, Peckham and inappropriate PR content…

0046 // Peur Bleue Records by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

Dummy Mix 257 by Oceaán including the Gohan's track 'Le Tigre Qui Pleure'

Superb mix by the talented Mancunian producer Oceaán for Dummy Mag  including stuff we love such as Kraftwerk, Oni Ayhun, Muslimgauze and... a tune from Gohan's first LP released on Peur Bleue Records in 2012, 'Le Tigre Qui Pleure'!

Digital Tsunami 073 - Dj Overdose

Gohan's 'Criminal Amnesia' tracklisted by the amazing DJ Overdose in his new mix for Digital Tsunami!

Stabbed in Konya Ep Launch In Paris Catacombs

Friday 13th February

Peur Bleue Records invited a few droogies for a (literally) underground all-night experience in Paris Catacombs to celebrate the launch of Gohan EP 'Stabbed In Konya' (PBR005).

It was a journey into the depths of the dystopian Paris underworlds.

This mix was played during the walk, following narrow and humid tunnels with blue headlamp lights in the complete darkness.

Of course, we ended up with a rave. All roads as dark and sinuous they can be lead to Rome.

This is a testimony of a live Peur Bleue experiment.
Gohan Vendredi 13 Mix in Paris Catacombs (Stabbed In Konya EP Launch)