Soundscriber Mix #3 - Spécial Peur Bleue

Cover: Zemar (from Cyprien Gaillard's work)

Third mix from our dear fella Soundscriber. Both majestic and punishing piece, as usual. We are extremely honored to receive this gift to celebrate the forthcoming launch of our label, Peur Bleue Records. Stand by and listen. This is atemporal.

"OK! Detroit, birthplace of this so called techno. So many things to say about it, lots of explanations have been given - such as the famous "Kraftwerk meet George Clinton in an elevator". To me "detroit techno" is more about a feeling than a genre or a predeterminated place where things happen. I tried to explain/show what this feeling is about through this mix... Can a feeling be described? Few authors have (perhaps) succeeded, but I'm not a writer and -between you and me - explaining by words something I intended to express in this mix is a bit pointless... I always perceived music as a timeless art. Ok there are periods you can rely on, but when it's good it goes through the years without any wrinkles. 
It's been a while I didn't post something on Peur Bleue, this mix was on my mind from a long time. I believe this is the right time to do it and that fits with the Peur Bleue's scope of interest  (melodic, minimalist, epic... atemporal!)."

01. Keith Tucker - Face Your Fate (Acapella) 
02. John Thomas- No past 
03. Marco Bernardi- Emitionle Part 1 
04. Baby Ford & Eon- Dead Eye 
05. Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix) 
06. Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kaos 
07. B12 - Obsessed 
08. Dark Energy - The Warning 
09. UR - Beauty Of Decay 
10. Infiniti - Techno Por Favor 
11. Joey Beltram - Orion 
12. Common Factor - Exploration Meaning 
13. Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer 
14. Luke Hess - Leads To Life 
15. Drexciya - Lost Vessel 
16. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Reese Dream A Lot Mix) 
17. Robert Hood - Rhythm 
18. Sebastian San- Wuxia 
19. Slam - Dark Forces 
20. Octave One- I Believe 
21. Dj Bone - Music 
22. Tribeka - Trance

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