Gohan Mix #21 | The Castle

Cover: Zemar

Gohan Mix #21 | The Castle 

Assuming that the over-use of past sonic references in modern music stands more on a fantasied past than an historical truth, here is my new mix. It includes outdated references, as latent as intangible, just like these random, narrative fragments or the pre-industrial musical hints that appear all along. Overpassing the dialectic past-future on which music creation "should" lie with a misleading, and even dubious, referentialism, the challenge was also to maintain a certain dose of (frightening) truth. 
In other words, this mix is a haunting castle, as so beautifully described by Sándor Márai in Embers.

“The castle was a closed world, like a great granite mausoleum full of the moldering bones of generations of men and women from earlier times, in their shrouds of slowly disintegrating gray silk or black cloth. It enclosed silence itself as if it were a prisoner persecuted for his beliefs, wasting away numbly, unshaven and in rags on a pile of musty rotting straw in a dungeon. It also enclosed memories as if they were the dead, memories that lurked in damp corners the way mushrooms, bats, rats and beetles lurk in the mildewed cellars of old houses. Door-latches gave off the traces of a once-trembling hand, the excitement of a moment long gone, so that even now another hand hesitated to press down on them. Every house in which passion has loosed itself on people in all its fury exudes such intangible presences.” 
Sándor Márai in Embers

"Le château était un monde en soi, à la manière de ces grands et fastueux mausolées de pierre dans lesquels tombent en poussière des générations d’hommes et de femmes, enveloppés dans leurs linceuls de soie grise ou de toile noire. Il renfermait aussi le silence qui, tel un fidèle emprisonné à cause de sa profession de foi, dépérit sur la paille pourrie au fond d’une cave. Il conservait également des souvenirs, ceux des morts. Des souvenirs qui se dissimulaient dans les recoins, comme se cachent les chauves-souris, les rats, les cloportes, dans l'humidité moisie des très vieilles caves. Sur les clenches des portes, on sentent le tressaillement d'une main qui, dans un moment de révolte, s'était refusée jadis à achever son geste. Tous les foyers dans lesquels la passion étreint des hommes, de toute sa force, dégagent une pareille ambiance inquiétante."
Sándor Márai dans Les Braises

Gohan Mix #21 | The Castle by thisispeurbleue

Ursula Bogner - Illusorische Planeten 
Eskimo - Nageuse 
Sandwell District - Speed And Sound (Regis ZArts Lab Mix) 
Caroline Bergvall - Via (fragments) 
Bernard Szajner - Ressurector 
Gohan - AAOOO 
Ed Dorn - From Gunslinger, Book 4 (fragments) 
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Reshadub (from Paul Giger's Ignis) 
Léo Delibes - The Bell Song from Lakmé (interpreted by Dilber and The Estonia Opera Orchestra) (fragments) 
Shed - Final Experiment 
Rrose - Pointilism (Variation One) 
Pauline Oliveros - Bye Bye Butterfly (fragments) 
Gohan - Hedge Fund 
Peter Van Hoesen - Axis Mundi 
Dick Higgins - Storm Riders (fragments) 
Pinch & Shackleton - Monks on the Rum 
The Black Dog - The Death Ov The Black Sun 
Dick Higgins - Storm Riders (fragments) 
Flourish - Heaven Tar 
Dick Higgins - Storm Riders (fragments) 
Model 500 - Starlight 
Ursula Bogner - Permutationen 
Paul Lansky - Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song (fragments) 
Terre Thaemlitz - Elevatorium 
Franz Schubert - Der Jungling Und Der Tod (interpreted by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau)

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