mardi 26 juillet 2011

Forgotten urban paths
One track, one place.

Tarlabası, Istanbul
This neighborhood is a part of the city where the time has literally stopped. Surprisingly enough, it adjoints Taksim, the busiest neighborhood of the city. African immigrants and gypsies (try to) live in these slums. A stunning place of dilapidated streets and ruined buildings certainly destined to disappear in a bit.

Bolina Road, London
There are many 'ultra-desert' urban spaces throughout South London. Bolina Road (which is actually more a pathway than a road) is stucked between (the notorious) Milwall Stadium and a huge plant waste. In other words, it is a sanctuary of nowhere. Getting lost in this harsh, forgotten place is definitely a peculiar experience.

Rue des Cascades (La Fontaine d'Henri IV), Paris
This Rue des Cascades' corner represents how was the ancient working-class East-Paris in my mind: a narrow, cobbled street, tighten shops and buildings with mansard. Yet, there is no cheesy nostalgia here, just an ageless bistro called La Fontaine d'Henri IV facing a medieval piping building. Wishing this place remains asleep forever.