mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Photo: Martin Hyers & William Mebane

"La culture, devenue intégralement marchandise, doit aussi devenir la marchandise vedette de la société spectaculaire". Sur ces bons mots du père Debord, Peur Bleue vous livre son Best Of de l'année 2010, en vous en souhaitant une nouvelle toute aussi formidable pour l'humanité.

"When culture becomes nothing more than a commodity, it must also become the star commodity of the spectacular society". Through this Debord's witty remark, Peur Bleue releases its Best Of of the year 2010 and wishes another one equally tremendous for humanity.

01 - Osvaldo Golijov - Love Lost (Piano Version performed by Stephen Prutsman)
02- Frédéric Chopin - Fantasy-Impromptu for piano in C sharp minor, Op. 66, CT. 46 (performed by Dubravka Tomsic)
03 - Charlie Mingus - Myself When I Am Real
04 - Derrick May & Michael James - Strings Of Life (Fransesco Tristano Version)
05 - Alexander Scriabin - Etudes- Op. 8, No.12
06 - Thelonious Monk - Functional
07 - William Duckworth - The Time Curve Preludes for Piano (1978-79), XIV
08 - John Cage & Meredith Monk - Travel Song
09 - Philip Glass - Metamorphosis Two
10 - Sergey Rachmaninov - (24) Preludes (performed by Sergey Prokofiev)

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